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Knowledgebase: ALMA Observing Tool (OT)
What is the procedure in sorting the Spectral Line Picker results by column?
Posted by Andy Biggs, Last modified by Rein Warmels on 15 March 2017 04:02 PM

In order to change the column that is used to enable a primary sort of the rows in the Spectral Line Picker, it is necessary to double-click the desired column. This will cause a big triangle to appear in that column's heading and subsequent single clicks will cause the sort order, indicated by the direction of the triangle, to change. Note that it is also possible to refine the sort with secondary and tertiary, etc., criteria by single-clicking on additional columns - smaller triangles will appear in the column headings and, as with the primary sort, further single clicks will change the sort order of that column. For example, double-clicking first on Description will produce many examples of the same molecule.

A secondary sort can then be performed on the Rest Frequency and, if there are multiple entries with the same Rest Frequency, a further sort might be possible with the Sij \mu^2 column (line strength multiplied by the square of the dipole moment). The sort can be reset by double-clicking on a column i.e. only this primary sort will now be enabled. By default, the OT performs a primary sort using the Rest Frequency and a secondary sort using the Transition column.

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