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How can I query the calibrator database that ALMA uses?
Posted by John Hibbard, Last modified by Tristan Ashton on 12 August 2020 06:33 PM

The ALMA calibrator database can be directly queried through a web form at

Alternatively, you can query the ALMA calibrator database from the OT in this way:

  • Open up the OT and create a Science Goal (or use an existing Science Goal)
  • Go to the "Calibration Setup" of the Science Goal¬†
  • Select "User Defined Calibration"
  • Select "Add fixed calibrator" and pick e.g. bandpass or phase

This brings up another interface.

  • Select "Sideral Target"
  • Click "Select from Source Catalog"¬†

This brings up a query interface you can use to find calibrators and their fluxes with dates.

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