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Can I download individual data products or images?
Posted by Anand Crossley, Last modified by Felix Stoehr on 13 March 2018 04:49 PM

It is only possible to download data in raw ASDM tar files or processed data tar file packages.  Eventually, ALMA will also provide direct access to images, but this feature will not be available for several months. 

For Cycle 1+ data, all images are contained in a relatively small single file ending with 001_of_001.tar. The other files (ending with asdm.smd.tar) contain the raw data.

For Cycle 0, in order to easily find which tar files contain the actual images, this page has been created. Also, the externally developed package astroquery can be used to download Cycle 0 tar files and extract the FITS files.

Archive data products are described in How are ALMA data products packaged?.

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