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Do I need to specify calibrators for my observation? What are the defaults for Observatory-defined calibration?
Posted by Jim Braatz, Last modified by Tristan Ashton on 15 October 2020 07:20 PM

By default, the ALMA Observatory will identify and conduct all calibrations that are necessary. Detailed information on calibration and the default ALMA approach can be found in Chapter "Calibration and Calibration Strategies" of the ALMA Technical Handbook

The default parameters that are assumed for observatory-defined calibration can be viewed in the OT by selecting the "ALMA Calibration Time Estimate Tool" that is found under "Tool" menu of the OT. These should not be changed without good reason, and any changes need to be explained in the Technical Justification. For more information, please check the section 5.3.4 "Calibration Setup" in the OT Manual.

In exceptional circumstances, users can request specific calibrators and/or additional calibration strategies via the OT. To do this, go to the "Calibration Setup" page of the relevant Science Goal and select "User Defined Calibration". For more information on how to specify your own calibrators, click on the "?" icon in the pane that appears. 

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