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Why do my data products not include all sources/spectral windows/channels for my project?
Posted by Sarah Wood, Last modified by Sarah Wood on 01 March 2019 06:47 PM

For ALMA Cycles 0-4 data packages, the images that are included in the data delivery package may not include all spectral windows, or all channels, or all targets that were observed as part of the science program.  These images are meant to be representative, as described in Imaging Products section of the ALMA QA2 Data Products document:

"The goal of ALMA QA2 in Cycle 3 remains that the calibration is reliable and "science ready", but the imaging products may not be. A sufficient fraction of the possible imaging products is created to verify that the data meet the science goals set by the PI (resolution and sensitivity), within some tolerance, but the imaging may be incomplete. Investigators should expect to need to re-image their data using the provided scripts as a guideline. In particular, care should be taken to optimize continuum subtraction (if relevant) and fine-tune the image deconvolution parameters (e.g. clean masks and thresholds)."

This same document describes the steps need to recreate a fully calibrated measurement set, which will include all science data.

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