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When I submit proposals, to which region will the time be charged?
Posted by Sarah Wood, Last modified by Sarah Wood on 12 March 2018 09:42 PM

From Section 4.1 of the ALMA User Policies

"Users of any professional background, nationality or affiliation may submit ALMA proposals. This includes students, postdoctoral researchers, or non-professionals. Each proposal must identify a single individual who will serve as Principal Investigator (PI)."

Successful projects will have their observing time assigned to the region of the PI, which is defined as the region to which the organization that employs the PI belongs, or as the region of residence for unaffiliated PIs. If a PI has access to ALMA through two regions (e.g. due to a joint appointment at organizations in different regions), the PI may select either as his/her affiliation. Users from Taiwan (which is affiliated with both EA and NA) will be able to select either an EA, NA or combined EA/NA affiliation (with 50% of the time accounted to each region) in the OT on a proposal-by-proposal basis.

ALMA proposals may also be submitted by PIs whose affiliation does not lie within any ALMA Executive’s region. Such proposals are referred to as “Open Skies” proposals.

ALMA policies prohibit the same proposal to be submitted with different Executive affiliations. If such proposals are detected, the first will be considered and the remaining proposals ignored.

By international agreement, ALMA time is shared between the three Executives (NA, EU, and EA) and Chile in the following proportions:

22.5% East Asia (EA)
33.75% Europe (EU)
33.75% North America (NA)
10% Chile

Time for proposals submitted by PIs from outside one of the four ALMA-member regions (EA, EU, NA or Chile) will be shared between the four ALMA regions in the proportions listed above.
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