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How can I update the data repository copy of my CASA installation?
Posted by Dirk Petry, Last modified by Dirk Petry on 18 August 2020 11:24 AM

Messages like

   SEVERE setjy Leap second table TAI_UTC seems out-of-date.
   SEVERE setjy Until table is updated (see aips++ manager) times and coordinates
   SEVERE setjy derived from UTC could be wrong by 1s or more.

indicate that the "geodetic" directory of the data repository copy of your CASA installation needs to be updated.

Up to and including CASA 4.3, it has been possible to update the data repository of a CASA installation (including for example the leap seconds table) by typing at the shell prompt

svn update

in the "data" directory.
In later casa versions, this scheme does not work. The recommended procedure in later versions up to CASA 5.x is to either type at the shell prompt

cd <CASA-distro>/data
rsync -avz rsync:// .

or run the Perl script "update-data." This can be executed from within CASA by typing


In CASA 6.x, use

cd <CASA-distro>
cd `find lib -name __data__`
rsync -avz rsync:// .


<CASA-distro>/bin/python3 -m casadata --update



as for the older versions. NOTE that this last option updates your data repository based on the CASA 6 data repo package which is only updated on a weekly basis.

More information can be found in CASA Documentation:

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