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I have a professional affiliation with more than one ALMA region. How do I register so I can submit proposals with different affiliations?
Posted by John Hibbard, Last modified by Kazuya Saigo on 28 February 2020 02:07 AM

Some PIs may have affiliations with more than one ALMA Executive or region (EA, NA, EU, or Chile), either by virtue of a joint affiliation with institutes in different regions, or through Executive agreements (e.g., Taiwanese investigators, who have affiliations with both EA and NA). Registering with multiple affiliations will be handled seamlessly in future cycles, but at this moment users are only allowed to register using a single institutional affiliation.

For proposal submission, users from Taiwan (which is affiliated with both EA and NA) will be able to select either an EA, NA or combined EA/NA affiliation in the OT on a proposal-by-proposal basis (see ALMA Observing Tool User Manual).

For more information, please view the Knowledgebase article "What is the "Choose ARC" entry on the registration page?"

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