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Can I specify the date on which my observations should be taken or set up a monitoring observation?
Posted by Sarah Wood, Last modified by Sarah Wood on 19 March 2018 05:39 PM

You can specify a range of dates when your observations should be executed in the ALMA Observing Tool. Proposals may involve time-critical, multiple-epoch observations, and continuous monitoring of a target over a fixed time interval, but their execution is restricted to the time slots reserved for science observations. Therefore proposals with an execution time tolerance of less than 2 weeks cannot be guaranteed, but may be attempted on a best‐effort basis. Whether or not such observations are technically feasible will be decided on a case-­by-­case basis. In particular, observations with strict timing constraints but many possible time windows may be feasible.

This should not prevent observations of recurring phenomena with predictable times (such as, say, maximum elongations of planetary satellites), as long as their occurrences are spread over a sufficiently wide fraction of the observing period in a cycle and as long as the number of epochs that need to be observed remains relatively small with respect to the total number of suitable epochs across the cycle.

Please refer to Appendix section "Time-Constrained Observations" of the ALMA Proposer's Guide for more information on time-critical and monitoring observation.

You can read how to include time constraints in Section "Time-constrained observing" of the Observing Tool User Manual.

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