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Under what conditions can I request the raw data of my observing program be delivered before quality assurance is completed?
Posted by Tony Remijan, Last modified by Sarah Wood on 23 March 2017 04:03 PM

In general, the release of raw, uncalibrated data to a PI is strongly discouraged and only under specific conditions will the raw data of an observing program be delivered before quality assurance is completed by ALMA staff.  These policies are described fully in the ALMA Users' Policies available at the Documents and Tools section of the ALMA Science Portal

Scheduling Blocks (SBs) that have been started but not completed and have no opportunity to be completed for some time (e.g. due to observing conditions or configuration schedule) result in partially completed OUSs. These OUSs are said to be “stale” if they satisfy the following set of conditions:

  • No new data for the given OUS is expected to be taken for a period of at least 90 days since the last QA0 Pass execution;
  • The SB remains “active” (it is not TimedOut, e.g. due to no further observing opportunities for the remainder of the observing season);
  • The fraction of QA0 Pass data indicates that the OUS is at least 25% complete, but not complete enough to be expected to meet the QA2 Pass criteria.

Data that are considered stale are eligible for “intermediate data delivery”, which means that the raw (QA0 Pass) data may be made available to the PI or PI delegates. Intermediate data delivery will only be done if triggered by the PI. In each case the possibility and consequences of delivering the data partially to the PI will be assessed by ALMA staff. Considerations must include the benefit provided to the PI, the burden on the Observatory, and the probability of additional data to be collected.

As a minimum, raw (uncalibrated) visibilities will be made available. The details of the delivery products may evolve with time as the pipeline becomes more mature, and are left to the discretion of the Integrated Science Operations Team. The data will be made available without undergoing the full set of quality assurance checks, and will be delivered without further support from the ARCs.

Intermediate data delivery does not initiate the proprietary period. The normal proprietary period restrictions and extension request processes apply once calibrated products are delivered.

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