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Knowledgebase: ALMA Observing Tool (OT)
How do I see what the expected calibration overheads are for my proposal?
Posted by John Hibbard, Last modified by Andy Biggs on 19 March 2015 02:09 PM

You can see how much time is assumed for calibration by using the "Time Estimate" function on the "Control and Performance" page of the Science Goal. After you set up your science goal sensitivity requirements, simply click on the "Time Estimate" button, and it will display the time on the science target as well as each of the relevant calibration sources for the most extended 12-m Array configuration required. Any time needed for more compact 12-m configurations and/or the ACA is also summarised.

To see the total estimated time for the proposal, including all science goals and calibration overheads, use the Project Time Summary tool in the OT. This is most conveniently accessed from the OT's toolbar (clock icon) but is also available from the Tool menu and by right-clicking in the Project Tree.

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