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Knowledgebase: ALMA Observing Tool (OT)
What do I do if I try to print my proposal as a PDF and the output is garbled or incomplete?
Posted by Anand Crossley, Last modified by Remy Indebetouw on 03 July 2011 08:15 PM
If the OT outputs a nonsensical PDF when you try to print the whole proposal, or if you notice anomalies like running over the allotted space for your abstract or missing your list of co-I's, it is likely to be related to the unavailability of fonts on that particular machine. This is disconcerting but should not affect the submitted proposal, only your ability to print it on a particular computer. At the moment the best workaround is to move to a different computer to view and print your proposal. Another workaround is to save the AOT to disk, close and restart the OT, and immediately (before editing) generate a PDF.
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