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Knowledgebase: ALMA Observing Tool (OT)
How will users be notified when a new version of the OT is available?
Posted by Akiko Kawamura, Last modified by Gergö Popping on 18 February 2020 10:32 AM

A new release of the OT, containing the most up-to-date information on observatory capabilities, will be announced with every observing cycle in the call for proposals. The Web Start installation automatically updates itself (note that Web Start is not supported anymore starting from Cycle 8). If you installed the OT manually on your computer using the tarball, you will need to download the latest version and reinstall. When a new version is available, the OT will automatically detect it and prompt you to download the new version. If you are running the wrong version of the OT, it will not be possible to submit your proposal or observing program!

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