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How can I get a full list of everything ALMA has observed?
Posted by Mark Lacy, Last modified by Kazuya Saigo on 28 February 2020 07:37 AM

The command below will return a list of all science observations currently in the archive:

wget -O alma_aq_data.csv --no-check-certificate ""

(the --no-check-certificate flag is only necessary for older OS)

This uses the programmatic interface to the ALMA archive. In principle, the same result can be obtained by not setting any selection criteria on the archive query interface and unchecking the "public data only" box, then using the "Export Table" link on the results page.  However, there, only the first 10000 results will be shown.

Once you obtain the data.csv table you may load it into a spreadsheet programme, or TOPCAT for further analysis. The accompanying image, generated in TOPCAT shows the RA and Dec of all ALMA observations as of March 2015.

 all_alma.gif (13.10 KB)
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