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Will the Java update (8u141) prevent me from opening the OT?
Posted by Sarah Wood, Last modified by Tony Remijan on 27 July 2017 04:21 PM

Oracle just released a Java update (8u141) and people are being automatically prompted to install this.

Unfortunately, this update contained a bug which prevented the Web Start OT from working. The release notes of the Java update are given here - scroll down to the 'Known Issues': 

 "After upgrading to the JDK July CPU release (8u141/7u151/6u161), when executing Java Webstart applications, customers may encounter an exception like
“java.lang.SecurityException: digest missing for …” that prevents the application from loading."

There has been a patch released for the OT Cycle-5 release such that there is no longer a problem. Any user who has installed the latest update of Java 8 will be able to run the Web Start version of the OT without encountering any problems.

The problem will though still occur for anyone who tries to run the Cycle-4 OT. This will mainly affect users who wish to submit a DDT proposal.

If you need to submit a Cycle 4 DDT proposal, please use the tarball version of the OT.

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