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How can I access ALMA calibrator data? - Knowledgebase / Archive & Data Retrieval - ALMA Science

How can I access ALMA calibrator data?

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The ALMA calibrator database is accessible at the ALMA Science Portal. It provides a history of flux densities at given frequencies and angular structure information or limits for more than 3000 sources.

In addition, processed data from calibrators within a proprietary Principal Investigator (PI) ObsUnitSet (OUS) that have passed the quality assessment have no proprietary period and, in the future, will be publicly released upon being archived. Such calibrator data are not immediately released due to technical reasons and, as a general rule, they become available only when the proprietary period of the PI OUS has expired. However, users can request the release of calibrator data for a particular OUS before that date. For this, users should send a helpdesk ticket to their corresponding ARC specifying the calibrator names and OUS. The ARC will provide such data on a best-effort basis.