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How can I query the archive for a list of targets? - Knowledgebase / Archive & Data Retrieval - ALMA Science

How can I query the archive for a list of targets?

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To query one of the following options can be used:

  1. You can query for a target list directly on the query interface. A more detailed explanation is given here.
  2. You can can write a shell script that goes through the list of your source names and then launches wget commands like
        wget -O NGC1068.csv "
    you will then end up with one .csv file containing the query result for one source.
  3.  You can use the externally developed package astroquery ( Its ALMA component ( allows you to query the ALMA Archive like above but from python. In addition, it also allows you to download the selected data directly from python.

An example of how to query multiple sources is given here:

Please refer to the ALMA Science Archive Manual for details.

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