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How can I receive email notification of activity on my ALMA proposals? - Knowledgebase / General ALMA Queries - ALMA Science

How can I receive email notification of activity on my ALMA proposals?

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A principal investigator (PI) and people delegated by the PI (see Knowledgebase Article: "As PI of an ALMA proposal, how can I give others access to the data during the proprietary period?") can sign up to receive email notification of certain activities on their ALMA projects.  Email notifications are based on self-contained components of projects called ObsUnitSets or OUS. An OUS represents one or more executions of an individual Scheduling Block. An email notification is triggered when one of the following occurs:

  1. When an OUS is first observed,

  2. When an OUS is fully observed, or

  3. When an OUS is processed and quality assured.

  4. When an OUS is archived and available for download through the archive.

The final notification is always sent out no matter the settings in the PI's profile. To sign up for email notifications for the other 3 events, log into the ALMA Science Portal and put the mouse over your name above the "Search Site" tool bar at the top right of the page. Select "Profile" from the drop down menu, and on the "Edit Profile" page and click the checkbox next to the "Receive optional emails" line. 

More detailed information on the status and observing history of all project components can be found using the SnooPI (see Knowledgebase Article: "How do I track the observational progress of my project?").