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How do I arrange a visit to one of the ARCs? - Knowledgebase / Resources & Observer Support - ALMA Science

How do I arrange a visit to one of the ARCs?

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Face-to-face support, including help with proposal preparation, data reduction and archival research, is provided at the ARCs. 
ARC visits should be arranged with your regional ARC by submitting a ticket to the Face-to-Face Support Department of the ALMA Helpdesk.
In the ticket, you can indicate the ARC (node) that you want to visit. The Helpdesk Staff will then contact the ARC (node) which will then contact you for the details of the visit. 

Face-to-face support for NA users is provided by the NA-ARC Headquarters at Charlottesville ( and by the Canadian ARC Node (

Face-to-face support for EU users is provided by the European ARC Nodes (More information about the ARC Nodes can be found here). Note that EU-ARC Headquarters in Garching does not provide Face-to-Face support.

Face-to-face support for EA users is provided by the EA-ARC Headquarters at NAOJ Mitaka campus (, by the Taiwanese ARC Node in ASIAA (,  and by the Korean ARC Node (