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How do I load a list of sources or pointings into the OT? - Knowledgebase / ALMA Observing Tool (OT) - ALMA Science

How do I load a list of sources or pointings into the OT?

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You can load multiple sources into a Science Goal using an ASCII file stored on your local disk. For each target, the text file must contain a list of comma-separated entries - for the format see the OT Reference Manual or hit "Export to File..." - the resultant file will contain a header indicating the required columns. A completed file is read into the OT using the "Load from File" button.

Loading sources from an ASCII file works for both 'Individual Pointing(s)' and '1 Rectangular Field'. The above procedure will allow you to load only the source information (including the field centre coordinates, velocity information and expected source properties). If the default 'Individual Pointing(s)' target type is selected one pointing at the field centre will be generated by default, any additional offset pointings must be defined either interactively in the OT or imported from a file (see below). If you want to define '1 Rectangular Field' for each source you must select this target type with the radio button before loading the sources from a file; you will then be able to define the rectangle for each source individually in the OT.

For target type 'Individual Pointing(s)' you can load individual offset (or custom mosaic) pointings on a per-source basis using the "Import" button below the pointings table. The format of the required ASCII file is

RA , Dec, Coordinate Type[Absolute,Offset], Coordinate Units
--   This signals end of the header
 04:31:38.4369, 18:13:57.651,Absolute,SEXAGESIMAL
 04:31:40.5426, 18:13:57.650,Absolute,SEXAGESIMAL
 04:31:36.3312, 18:13:57.650,Absolute,SEXAGESIMAL

The Coordinate Units can be SEXAGESIMAL, DEGREES, RADIANS for Coordinate Type Absolute and ARCSECS, ARCMINS, DEGREES for Coordinate Type Offset.