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How do I track the observational progress of my project? - Knowledgebase / General ALMA Queries - ALMA Science

How do I track the observational progress of my project?

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The ALMA Snooping Project Interface (SnooPI) is a read-only web application that allows Principal Investigators (PIs) to follow their ALMA projects from the moment of acceptance all the way to data delivery. SnooPI is available at, or by navigating to the ALMA Science Portal webpage, place the mouse over 'Observing' in the top menu bar, and then clicking 'SnooPI' in the Observing drop-down menu. This also includes a link to the SnooPI manual, listing the possible states and describing the available views.

SnooPI provides various views of the project: Project and Scheduling Blocks (SBs) lists, as well as detailed project, SB and Execution Blocks (EBs) views. The status of projects and SBs is indicated by icons, as described in the SnooPI manual (also accessible through the same page on the ALMA Science Portal). The application also provides links to the QA0 and QA2 reports, as well as details on the science and calibration targets for each EB.

PIs (and people delegated by PIs) may elect to receive email notifications for certain activities on their proposals. See the Knowledgebase article "How can I receive email notification of activity on my ALMA proposals?".