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May I make changes to my project after the proposal review process? - Knowledgebase / Proposal Handling - ALMA Science

May I make changes to my project after the proposal review process?

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If you have an accepted ALMA proposal and wish to modify the proposal in any way, you have two options:

  1. For "minor" changes (e.g. small updates to a source position or velocity), you can discuss these changes with the ARC "Contact Scientist" assigned to your project. If agreed to by the Contact Scientist, these changes can be made.  Typographical errors due to clear "cut and paste" issues or obvious errors such as missing "-" signs for source declination can also be changed with approval from the Regional ARC Manager.
  2. "Major" changes must be approved by the ALMA Directors.  Large changes in source position, frequency setting, or correlator modes may be allowed if motivated by information received after the original project submission.  All other changes (e.g. changes in science targets, mapping area, or addition of spectral windows) are in general discouraged.  Major changes will be considered only if justified by compelling scientific or technical arguments.  Contact Scientists will review the content of all change requests before submission to the ALMA Directors.

For major changes, please submit a Helpdesk ticket to the "Proposal Change Request Submission" department. You must enter all required fields or you will be asked to resubmit the ticket with the necessary information. This ticket will be submitted to the ALMA Directors for review. Their decision will be related back to you by your supporting ARC.

Major change requests that impact or change the science goals, or require additional observing time, will be granted only on a very exceptional basis.  Additionally, while the request is under consideration, all observations for this project will be suspended until a decision is made by the ALMA Directors. This process could take up to two weeks.

Please check the chapter "Changes to ALMA Proposals" in the Users' Policy.