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What do I do if I can't get the OT to work? - Knowledgebase / ALMA Observing Tool (OT) - ALMA Science

What do I do if I can't get the OT to work?

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If you have problems with the installation and/or startup of the OT, please consult the Troubleshooting page. This also includes a link to a "Known Issues" page that documents bugs or undesirable behaviour that have not yet been fixed.

If you need help on how to use the OT, please make sure you have read through all the appropriate documentation found on the Documents and Tools page of the ALMA science portal. Much of this information is also available directly within the OT, from the "Help" menu item, or by clicking on the "?" symbols within the tool.

If problems remain, please submit a ticket to the "Observing Tool" department of the Helpdesk with as much information about your query/problem as possible.

For submission problems close to the proposal deadline, please submit a ticket to the "Proposal Submission Emergency Department" to receive an immediate response. The exact time before the deadline that this department opens will be given on the Science Portal.