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What should I include in my HelpDesk ticket? - Knowledgebase / General - ALMA Science

What should I include in my HelpDesk ticket?

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Here are a few examples of common tickets and what information we will need to answer your question.

CASA or Data Reduction/Analysis Issue:

Please submit your ticket to the Data Reduction department and please include information on the CASA version and Operating system you are using. It is also important to note if you are using CASA over ssh or VNC.

Please provide us information so that we may recreate the error on our machines. A minimum working example can be vital to finding a solution.
A good minimum working example includes:
– the relevant data set (reduced in size as appropriate)
– a succinct script containing only the commands needed to demonstrate the issue
– the expected result of the script
– the actual result of the script
– any error messages produced by CASA
– the log output from the script
– information on your overall computing setup (operating system, memory, disk space, whether jobs are being run locally or on a cluster)
– information on other approaches tried to resolve the issue (changes of task parameters, runs on machines with different amount of memory, etc).

Proposal Change request:

Please note the requirements in the chapter "Changes to ALMA Proposals" in the Users' Policy.

There is also an additional knowledge base article on the topic here: May I make changes to my project after the proposal review process?

Please submit change request tickets to the Proposal Change Request department. Please then fill out the applicable fields. We need the project code, the basis of the request (scientific and/or technical) and the proposed change. It is helpful for us to see both the original numbers in your proposal vs the new request. So for example, if you want to update the coordinates of your source in your proposal please fill out what the current coordinates are in the Current Coordinates (RA, DEC) field then put in the new coordinates in the Requested Coordinates (RA, DEC) field.

Please then make sure to include all Justification for the proposed changes. It is vital that all your reasoning for the change is fully expressed so that the staff can make the best decision.

Please contact your Contact Scientist if you have any questions on the process.

Proprietary Extension Request:

Please see the knowledge base article May I request an extension to my observing program's proprietary period?.
Please see the Extension of Proprietary Periods in the Users' Policy.
To start the request, submit a ticket to the Proprietary Extension request department. Please fill out the blanks with your Project code and the scheduling blocks you need an extension on if it is not for the whole proposal. Please include how long you would like the extension and provide a justification.

Requesting data not provided in the archive:

If you would like to request the QA0 pass (previously known as raw or stale) data of your project before QA2 is complete, please note the guidelines in Observational data access: QA0 access in the Users' Policy.
Please also see the knowledge base article Under what conditions can I request the raw data of my observing program be delivered before quality assurance is completed?.

Please submit a ticket to the Archive and Data Retrieval department with the sub-category Data request (calibrated MS, stale data, calibrator data, or suggestions) to begin the process.

For calibrated ms requests, please select the same department and sub-category. Please review the knowledge base articles
How do I obtain a file of calibrated visibilities ("measurement set") for ALMA data?
Interferometric Calibration and Imaging Regeneration
What Calibration and Imaging products will be delivered to me?

Requesting a QA3:

If there is something wrong with the QA2 of your project, please submit a QA3 request. More information on QA3 is found in the chapter Problems with delivered data in the Users' Policy.. Please also check the QA3 chapter in the Technical Handbook

The request is made by selecting the department Data reduction and checking the Quality Assurance Level 3 (QA3) Request checkbox. Please include a detailed description of the issue and why this is a QA3 request so that we have all the information needed to determine if the project should start the QA3 process.

If you would like to request data that is currently in QA3, please submit a ticket to the Archive and Data Retrieval department with the sub-category Data availability (during QA3, server down, or suggestions).