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Where can I get additional information for my NA added value data products? - Knowledgebase / Archive & Data Retrieval - ALMA Science

Where can I get additional information for my NA added value data products?

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The fully-calibrated MS which includes only the science target data has been provided as an additional "Added Value" service to North American PIs. However, if you would rather start from scratch using the archive products to process your data, detailed instructions are available to help you with that process. These ALMAguides can be found at:

The archive products include the raw data written in ALMA Science Data Model (ASDM) format and processed data products. The processed data includes:

  • README file which contains important information about your data including how your data were processed.
  • FITS images
  • Calibration and imaging scripts (either pipeline- or manually-produced)
  • Calibration tables
  • Quality Assurance (QA) plots or the weblog if any part was processed by the ALMA pipeline
    • The weblog is an html-formatted collection of web pages containing diagnostic information describing the pipeline run.
    • A more detailed description of the pipeline and weblog can be found under the section ALMA Science Data Tracking, Data Processing and Pipeline, Archive and QA2 Data Products at:

In addition to the calibrated target MS and QA2 information, we also provide the ADMIT products for interferometric observations. ADMIT is an experimental ALMA development project which is designed to look through science images and automatically provide line identification, moment maps, position-velocity diagrams, etc. Please note that ADMIT products are not Quality Assured and line identification is only performed for well-known chemical species. For more information about installing and using ADMIT on your data, please see the ADMIT wiki pages:

To view your ADMIT products, untar the ADMIT delivery, then open the "index.html" file found in each *.admit folder in a browser window just as you would for an ALMA pipeline QA2 weblog. Please note that currently there is a known issue which causes some ADMIT weblogs to be incomplete. Any and all feedback regarding your ADMIT delivery products (for example how good was the line identification, completeness of weblog, ease of use, etc.) is appreciated!

Finally, we would like to recommend to you the services that NRAO can provide to assist you in the analysis of your data. We welcome visits from PIs who would like to rereduce their data from the original raw files, and from PIs who would like advice on how to further interpret and display the images they have received. Financial support for travel costs is available for PIs based in the US. Even if you do not feel you need to visit but have a few questions, we have scientists available to respond to Helpdesk queries.