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Why can't I download my data? - Knowledgebase / Archive & Data Retrieval - ALMA Science

Why can't I download my data?

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We do recommend the use of the download script for data-download from ALMA. Nevertheless sometimes problems with the data download can occur. Typically an error message "Error code 8" is obtained which translates to "Internal Server Error" and indicates a problem of the ARCs dataPortal server.

  • Please try to run the download-script again. The downloads will continue from the point they were left off.
  • In case an existing download-request has been used, please create a new download-request and try the download again
  • Should this not work either, please try to download the data from a different ARC
    • EU:
    • EA:
    • NA:
  • If none of these work, please try to download the file via 'right click' and 'save link as ...' of your browser or try the Java download manager
  • If you are using the ALMA download manager, and Java 7 Update 51 or later, you may see the error "Missing permissions manifest attribute in main jar". See for details. We recommend to use the download script instead
In case you cannot resolve the problem yourself please contact the ALMA Helpdesk.