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Why do I get a "h_init not defined" error in CASA? - Knowledgebase / Offline Data Reduction and/or CASA - ALMA Science

Why do I get a "h_init not defined" error in CASA?

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The error message

NameError: name 'h_init' is not defined

indicates you are trying to execute pipeline tasks that CASA does not recognize.  To verify that your active CASA session includes pipeline tasks please type tasklist at the CASA prompt. If the list of tasks returned does not include a large number of task names beginning with "h_" or "hif_", such as "hif_antpos" or "hif_clean", then you are not running the pipeline version of CASA.

The following are some of the most common errors which lead to running a non-pipeline version of CASA.

  • You fail to include the "--pipeline" switch when starting CASA ("casa --pipeline").
  • You install multiple versions of CASA without properly setting up the $PATH environment variable; a non-pipeline CASA installation will start if it appears first in the path, even if you use the "--pipeline" switch.  (The work around is to use the full path to the executable when starting CASA.)
  • You are are running CASA at NRAO and get the wrong CASA version.  Please check the CASA at NRAO page to ensure that you are starting CASA using the proper syntax.